The Dodge Dart is a Different Kind of Compact Car

The first time you spot a Dodge Dart, it will catch your eye right away, and you'll know it's no ordinary compact car. The exterior design is different than many other compact cars, and gives the vehicle a more sophisticated look. And once you slide inside, the word "compact car" won't even cross your mind again. The interior is so spacious that you'll think you're in a midsize sedan.

As you can tell, the Dart is really something special. If we drove this vehicle, we would be super cautious to ensure that it didn't get even on scratch on it. So we understand why the man in this video is willing to do anything he can o protect his Dart.

Here at Stokes Chrysler Company we know how this man felt when his neighbor threatened to scratch his car. And we know that a driver cannot stand idly by while a great car like the Dart gets scratched.

If the Dodge Dart sounds like it could be the car for you, be sure to stop by our Clanton, AL dealership. We will gladly arrange a test drive so that you can decide if the Dart is right for you.

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